My family have been involved with the club for many years.  The coaches are friendly and approachable yet also passionate about swimming and getting the best out of the young people they coach.  The coaches seem very conscious on working with each individual rather than just chasing medals.  My son now works at the swimming pool as well as swimming with the club.  He has a lovely loyalty to the club and wants everyone to be their best too.

When our son was 7, he joined the LBHSC at Isleworth Pool, because it was recommended by his swimming teacher at Chiswick Pool. Although Isleworth Pool is some distance from us, we thought it may be worth it, purely on her recommendation – btw, not much of a choice in Hounslow. She was of course right on the button, the coaching is superb with Lisa Graham as the chief coach and her team of skilled swim coaches is up to the task as reported by our son, no less.

Now 13, our son is patiently waiting for the lockdown to be eased, so he can resume his weekly routine. And boy, has he not developed in those 6 years – swimming being the chief culprit, undeniable methinks.

I have 2 girls who swim at the club, they have been swimming for about 7yrs.  They enjoy the swimming community especially when they compete at swimming galas.  The Club is very friendly and encourages all swimmers to improve and enjoy swimming.  I’ve been helping at the club for about 5yrs as part of the safeguarding team at galas.  I help with the wellbeing of the children on poolside to make sure they are happy and ready to race.  I enjoy encouraging them to do their best and above all, enjoy the swimming

“I like volunteering at LBHSC swimming club because it is a very welcoming community with excellent swimming coaches and swimming teachers that care for children’s fitness and their ability as swimmer’s to compete.  

This club has provided an excellent opportunities for children to achieve by working hard  on their chosen sport as individuals and as club team”.

I like being A member of the swimming club because the coaches push us to become the best swimmer we can. Everyone is so encouraging, and we’ve created a welcoming community for everyone.

I like being a member of the Club because everyone encourages you to do your very best and pushes you beyond your limits.  Everyone is cheerful, makes the experience fun, memorable and makes you feel welcome

My daughter enjoys the swimming club as it has a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. She also enjoys it because the coaches explain the practices well and the coaches treat the students well and make it enjoyable for them.

I like being a member of the club because it’s such a welcoming community and i feel like all our voices and opinions are heard.  It has opened up opportunities that I would never have had before like competing and pushing myself to be the best I can be.

I love what being a member of LBHSC does for my daughter. First and foremost she has formed some great friendships and has loads of fun. Training intensively has built fitness, self-confidence and a sense of purpose.

Having goals to work towards and taking part in competition creates a sense of purpose and self-worth. All this is delivered by LBHSC staff, with integrity and the well-being of young people first and foremost.

Our family have been members of the Club for 3 years.  We enjoy the friendly atmosphere.  One of our daughter’s swim in the learn to swim programme and the other has progressed through the development programme. Both girls have gained competent skills and enjoy being part of the programme while exercising with their friends

I like swimming at the club because it’s great fun, keeps me fit and I’ve made lots of new friends. I enjoy going to swimming galas

I’ve been connected to LBHSC ( The Hurricanes) for 13 years – as a parent, a volunteer and currently as a coach.  

Our small club gives us the opportunity to really get to know all the swimmers. I am so excited to return and encourage our members to enjoy their time in the water again.

I have been swimming with the club since I was 8 years old and am very happy there.  The sessions can be tough but Lisa is a good coach.  She has eyes everywhere and just the right amount of strictness and fun. The coaches have always encouraged me even though I am disabled and progress has been slow at times.  I still want to get better at diving and am going to keep trying to improve my times.

As a swimming teacher, having had  the opportunity to volunteer with LBH, it really helped me to develop and learn new skills.

Helping the athlete to reach their potential has been both exciting and rewarding .

A really welcoming , supportive and friendly club!

“I like being a member of the club because everyone we swim with gets along well and we each push each other to our limits and everyone supports each other”