LBHSC are delighted to be partnering with our neighbours, Team Keane Watersports – a thriving community grassroots club that offers rowing and paddlesports based in Brentford.  Our clubs share the same passion and ethos for offering our communities throughout our Borough the opportunity to enjoy and take part in a range of water based activities both in and on the water, in a closed or open water environment.

As rowing and swimming complement each other effectively, our partnership will be of great benefit to our members.  Both coaching teams will be working in collaboration, supporting our rowers/swimmers to learn and develop new water safety skills along with learning a new sporting discipline. This will not only enhance their long term athlete development and performance, but will widen their friendship group and encourage lifelong participation of sport and physical activity for physical and mental wellbeing.

Our partnership will be an exciting opportunity for our Clubs to network, build and develop a strong, socially integrated community of watersport enthusiasts who feel confident and connected to our Leisure Centres, Rivers and Canals local to us.