Coronavirus FAQs

Do I have to wear a face mask to the pool?

You should abide by whatever procedures your local venue has in place and follow any relevant government guidance.

Do I have to maintain social distancing?

The Government has removed the requirement to maintain 1 metre + distance from people you do not live with from 19th July.

How many participants can I have in my club/Learn to Swim session?

The Government has removed the capacity limits, therefore you can return to your pre Covid capacity levels, subject to agreement with your local venue.

Can I run competitions again?

Yes, but event organisers should continue closely liaising with their respective venue operators, who may have their own rules on venue capacities, and continue checking Government guidelines.

What happens if I’ve come into contact with someone with Covid symptoms?

You should continue to follow the latest NHS guidance on when to self isolate and the duration of that self isolation. NHS guidance can be found here.

Can Swim teachers teach from in the water?

Yes. Swim teachers can do so now without the requirement of maintaining social distance from participants. It is for the instructor/teacher and venue to determine what they deem the most appropriate location to teach from based on their specific circumstances.