Learn To Swim Team

Micheala Octave

Micheala Octave

Learn To Swim Coordinator

Hi I’m Micheala.

I am a Level 2 Swimming Teacher, A Level 1 Assistant Coach and the swim Coordinator for our Learn To Swim Program I have been with the club since November 2018.

I enjoy working for the club because I like the environment everyone is very kind all the children are very polite everyone involved is welcoming and it’s a great challenge every session is different and it’s constantly getting better.



Learn To Swim Instructor


I am Susie.

I am a level 2 qualified swimming instructor and I looooovvee my job. I love helping people.

I get to meet new people every day and the best part of my job is to see the satisfaction on their faces of learning something new and I am glad that I am a part of it.

Swimming is something I loved as a kid and after all these years it helps me relax and unwind whenever I am in water.




Hi, I’m Muk,

I am a Level 1 Assistant and will compete my Level 2 Swim Teacher Course by June 2021.

I am a part time teacher coming from an Aviation background.

I joined the team as teaching adults and children to swim should be an essential part of a healthy lifestyle as well as learning water safety on this island that we live.

I enjoy the challenge of working with swimmers for all ages and abilities. The pride that is felt within our team when you see your classes progressing is a great part of the role.