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Lisa Graham

Lisa Graham

Head Coach

I’ve been involved in the sport of Swimming since the age of 6yrs. I progressed from a non-swimmer to National finalist/medallist as an Age Group, Youth & Senior swimmer as well as member of the GB Team.

My ethos is dedication, resilience, self-motivation, teamwork and striving to be the best version of oneself. I believe anyone in our community should be given the opportunity to learn to swim, gain essential water safety skills, leading to becoming a successful competitive swimmer if they wish, regardless of their socio-economic background, ethnicity, gender or identity.

I coach because I enjoy engaging with young people, supporting them to fulfil their maximum potential and being part of their swimming journey.

I am a level 2 Coach and Swimming Instructor, an advocate in Sport for Social Integration, and a Youth and Adult Mental Health First Aider.

Micheala Octave

Micheala Octave

Learn To Swim Coordinator

Hi I’m Micheala.

I am a Level 2 Swimming Teacher, A Level 1 Assistant Coach and the swim Coordinator for our Learn To Swim Program I have been with the club since November 2018.

I enjoy working for the club because I like the environment everyone is very kind all the children are very polite everyone involved is welcoming and it’s a great challenge every session is different and it’s constantly getting better.

Christine Ellison

Christine Ellison


I’ve been connected to LBHSC ( The Hurricanes) for 13 years – as a parent, a volunteer and currently as a coach.  

Our small club gives us the opportunity to really get to know all the swimmers. I am so excited to return and encourage our members to enjoy their time in the water again.